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Remarks of Joseph Smith at home of Judge Adams, Springfield, Ill. on January 2, 1843
Source: Joseph Smith Diary (Willard Richards)

January 2' Monday

Prophecy - Slaves Equals of White Men - Oppression

After breakfast Joseph Prophecied in the name of the Lord God I shall not^go to Missouri dead or alive . . . 5o clock went to Mr Wm Sollars Mr Bridewood visited. in the eve Elder Hyde was present. & after supper asked what is the situation of the Negro? They come into the world slaves mentally & phyically. change their situation with the white & they would be like them. they have souls, & are subject of salvation go into cincinati- & find one -educated rids in his carriage he has risen by the power of his mind to his exald state. of rspectability. Slaves in washington more refind than the presidents. boys will take the shine off those they brush & wait on. -

¶ Says Elder Hyde put them on the level & they will rise above me. - Joseph if I raised you to be my equal & then attempt to oppress you would you not be indignant, & try to rise above me? did not Oliver Cowdry & Peter Whitmer & many others say I was fallen & they were capble of Leading the people had I any thing to do with the negro- I would confine them to by strict Laws to their own Species put them on a national Equalization

Faith Brings Fruits of Spirit - Nature of Meekness

¶ Because faith is wanting the fruits are not. - No man Since the world was ever had faith without having something along with it. The ancients quenched the violence of escaped the edge of the sword women recevd their Dead. &c by faith the worlds were made. - a man who has none of the gifts- has no faith he deceives himself if he supposes it. faith has been wanting not only among the hethen but but professed Christedom also. - that Tongues. & healigs & prophecy. & prophets & apostles & all these gifts & blessings have been wanting. - Joseph spoke at great length. & edification. to the little co objetions being made to the prophets meekness
- I am meek & lowly in hea[r]t I will personify Jesus for a moment to illustrate & you inquirers - Wo unto you ye Doctors Wo unto you you scribes pharasees & Hypocrits = .

¶ You cannot find the place where I ever went that I found fault with their food their drink their house or their Lodging - no never, & this is what is meant by the meekness & Lowliness of Jesus

World Deceived in Hope of Salvation - Must Have Gifts of Spirit

¶ Mr Sollars stated that James Mullone- carpenter, of Springfield told him he "had been to Nauvoo & seen Joe Smith the prophet. he had a grey horse & I asked him where he got it & the Prophet said, you see that white cloud? yes, well it as it came along I got the horse from that cloud Joseph replied it was a lie. I never told him so.

¶ In reference to professors Generally. what is it inspires us with a hope of Salvation? It is that smooth sophiticated influence of the Devil by which he deceives the whole world.-

¶ Mr Sollars says may I not Repent & be baptizd & not pay any attention to dreams & visions. &c? Joseph said suppose I am Travelling. & I am hungry I meet a man & tell him I am hungry. he tells me to go yonder, there a house for Entertainment, go knock, & you must conform to all the rules of the house or you cannot satisfy your hunger - knock call for food. & set down & eat. - & I go & knock. & ask for food & set down to the table- but do not eat shall I satisfy my hunger - No! I must eat. the Gifts are the food. -

¶ The graces of the spirit are the Gifts of the spirit.-

Restoration of Melchizedek Priesthood?

¶ Joseph. when I first commenced this work & had got 2 or 3 indivduals to believe I went about 30 miles with Oliver Cowdery - one horse between us to see them. when we arrivd a mob of a hundrd came upon us before we had time to eat. & chased us all night & we arrived back again about 60 miles in all. and without food a little after Day light. - I have often travelled all night to see the brethren. & often been turned away without food;

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