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Sermon delivered at Nauvoo, Ill. on July 23, 1843
Sources: Joseph Smith diary (Willard Richards), James Burgess notebook, Franklin D. Richards "Scriptural Items," Levi Richards diary and the Willard Richards diary
Smith DiaryBurgess Notebook Scriptural ItemsLevi Richards Diary Willard Richards Diary
Hyrum as Prophet Statement

P.M. Law and prophets were until John & 16 Luke 16 v. Joseph preached introduction. It has gone abroad that I was no longer a prophet.--I said it Ironically. I supposed you would all understand. I was not that I would renounce the idea of being a prophet. but that I would renounce the idea of proclaiming myself such. and saying that I bear the testimony of Jesus

¶ No greater love than that a man lay down his life for his friends. I discover 100s & 1000s--ready to do it for me.

¶ In the midst of business. & find the spirit willing but the flesh is weak subject to like passions with other men.--

¶ although I am under the necessity of bearing the infirmities of other men, &c.--on the other hand the same characters when they discover a weakness in brother Joseph. blast his character &c--all that law &c through him to the church.--he cannot be borne with a moment. men mouth my troubles when I have trouble they forget it all I believe in a principle of reciprosiprocity--if we live in a devilish world--&c--

¶ I see no faults in the church.--Let me be resurrected with the saints whether to heaven or hell or any other good place--good society. what do we care if the society is good? dont care what a character is if he's my friend.--a friend a true friend. & I will be a friend to him friendship is the grand fundamental principle of Mormonism, to revolution civilize the world.--pour forth love. friendship like Bro Turley Blacksmith Shop. I do not dwell upon your faults. you shall not upon mine. after you have covered up all the faults among you the prettyest thing is have no faults at all.-- meek, quiet, &c.

A "Pure" Mormon Embraces all Truth

--Presbyterians any truth. embrace that. Baptist. Methodist &c. get all the good in the world. come out a pure Mormon.

Last Monday morning certain men came to me.--

Temple Ordinances

Bro. Joseph Hyrum is no prophet he cant lead the church. you must lead the Church-- if you resign I felt curious--& said--here we learn in a priesthood after the order of Melchisedeck--Prophet priest & king. & I will advance from prophet to priest & then to King not to the kingdoms of this earth but of the most high god.

¶ If I should would there be a great many disappointed in Mo?1

Meeting Hyrum--Joseph.
Interprets Scriptures - Jesus is God of OT - Baptist

Law & prophets &c. Suffereth violence & the violent taketh it by force--heaven and earth shall pass away. &c says Christ. he was the rock &c.--gave the law 30 Ex. 30.31. and thou shalt anoint Aron &c. last Chap Ex 15. and thou shalt anoint them &c.--a title of law which must be fulfilled. --forever hereditary.--fixed on the head of aron. down to Zachariah--the father of John.

Zachariah had no child had not God gave him a son? Sent his angel to declare a son Name John. with the keys.--John King and lawgiver

¶ The Kingdom of heaven suffereth violence & The kingdom of heaven continueth in authority. beareth suffereth violence until John. the authority taketh it by absolute power.. John having the power.--take the kingdom by authority.--

¶ How do you know all this gr[eat] knowledge? by the gift of the H. G. arrested the kingdom from the Jews of these stony Gentiles these dogs to raise up children unto Abraham

Jesus Needed Baptism of John

¶ John I must be baptized by you. why to answer my decrees John refuses--Jesus had no legal administrator before John. No salvation between the two lids of the bible without a legal administrator 2

¶ Tis contrary to a Governor's oath to send a man to Missouri where he is prescribed in his religious opinions.--

¶ Jesus was then the legal administrator.--& ordained his apostles.

¶ I will resume the subject at some future time.--

Zachariah - Baptist - Prayer

Luke 16 chap 16 verse. The Law and the Prophets were untill John since then the Kingdom of Heaven is preached and all men press into it. We will go back to Mount Scinai where Jesus gave the Law to Moses Exodus 30 chap 30 verse also the last chap 15 verse. The priesthood was given to Aron and his posterity throughout all generations We can trace the leanage down to Zachariah he being the only lawfull administrator in his day and the jews knew it well for they always acknowledge the priesthood. and Zachariah having no children. knew that the promise of God must fail, consequently he went into the Temple to wrestle with God according to the order of the priesthood to obtain a promise of a son, and when the Angel told him that his promise was granted he because of unbelief was struck dumb. And when the set time was come John came forth and when he took up his preisthood, he came bounding out of the wilderness saying repent ye for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. he having received the holy anointing was the only lawful administrator and the jews all knew it for the law and the prophets was untill John since then the kingdom of heaven is preached and all men press into it! Why! Why John because John was the only lawful administrator and they the Jews well knew it. consequently the only alternative was for them to yeild obedience to mandates of this wild man of the woods, namely John or be damned. For all Jerusalem and all Judea came out to be babtized of John, sadducees, pharasees, Essences &c For untill John was the law and the prophets, since then the kingdom of heaven is preached and all men press into it. The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence and the violent take it by force. Now I will translate a little, the kingdom of heaven hath power and authority and by that they take or enter legally and lawfully the kingdom of heaven.

July 23 Joseph said after reading Matt 11-12 & Luke 16-16 Heaven & Earth might pass but not a jot or tittle of the Law should read Exodus 40-15 Anointing of Aaron & his sons and shewed that all the Power & Authority & Anointing descended upon the head of John the Baptist or "The Government shall be upon his shoulders" This was virtually acknowledged by all Judea & they of Jerusalem coming out to be baptised of him & the rendering the Texts is "The Kingdom continueth in authority or Law & the Authority or legality (which belonged to John) took it by force or wrested it from the Jews to be delivered to a Nation bringing forth the fruits thereof. 3 23 July warm & dry . . . P.M. J Smith spoke 1 hour & 25 Minutes--Text, Luke 16-16.


1. Joseph continues his oblique reference to the temple ordinances, perhaps trying to stimulate the interest of the Saints in these doctrines, or just giving confidence to those whom he had already instructed. The Hyrum issue (see 16Jul43) illustrates his ordering of offices. Those who receive the fulness of the temple blessings are somehow greater than a "prophet." They are Kings and Priests in the Kingdom of Heaven.

2. Joseph again hammers away at the Kingdom of God issue. John the Baptist is the focus of his argument. In the process he teaches some interesting facts regarding the father of the Baptist for which he claims revelation as a source. Joseph interprets the reference of John telling the Jews that God could raise up children of Abraham from stones as meaning the Gentiles would be adopted into the family of Abraham.

3. See D&C 84:28.

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