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Remarks delivered on February 14, 1835 at a conference held for members of Zion's Camp at Kirtland, Ohio.
Source: Oliver Cowdery record in the Kirtland Council Minute Book, LDS Archives.

Ordination Blessings

This day a meeting was called of those who journeyed to Zion for^ the purpose of laying the foundations of its redemption last season with as many more of the brethren & sisters as felt disposed to attend. President Joseph Smith Junr. presided over the meeting. After the Congregation assembled, he arose and requested the attention and read the 15th chapter of John and said, let us endeavor to solemnize our minds that we may receive a blessing by calling on the Lord & said let us pray.

This Meeting Held by Commandment - A Vision

After an appropriate and affecting prayer was made, the Brethren who went to Zion were requested to take their seats together in one part of the house by themselves. President Smith arose and stated the reason why this meeting was called. It was this. God had commanded it and it was made known to him by vision and by the Holy Spirit.

Review of Zion's Camp Its Disappointment not in Vain

he then gave a relation of some of the circumstances attending us while journeying to Zion, our trials, sufferings &c. &c. He said God had not designed all this for nothing, but he had it in remembrance yet, and those who went to Zion, with a determination to lay down Their lives if necessary, it was The Will of God that they should be ordained to the ministry and go forth to prune the vineyard for the last times,

Winding-up Scenes in 56 years?
or the coming of the Lord which was nigh, even fifty six years, should wind up the scene. 1

Members of Zion's Camp to be Endowed with Power

he said many things, such as the weak things, even the smallest and weakest among us shall be powerful and mighty and great things should be accomplished by you even from this hour. He said, you should begin to feel the whisperings of the Spirit of God, and the works of God, shall begin to break forth from This time. You shall be endowed with power from on High. President Smith then called upon all those who went to Zion. to know if they were agreed with him in the statements which he had made, he said, if you are arise upon your feet, all arose upon their feet. He then called upon the balance of the congregation to know also, if they would sanction the movement. They all raised the right hand. The names of those who went to Zion are as follows. 2

Joseph Smith Jun. 1

F. G. Williams 2

Hyrum Smith 3

Roger Orton 4

J. B. Smith 6

William Smith 7

Harvey Stanley 8

Jedidiah Grant 9

Lyman Johnson 10

Lyman Sherman 11

Joseph Hancock 12

Brigham Young 13

Lyman Smith 14

H. C. Kimball 15

Lorenzo Booth 16

Zera S. Cole 17

Leonard Rich 18

Harrison Burgess 19

Alden Burdick 20

Hiram Winters 21

William F. Cahoon 22

Harpin Rigss 23

Libeus T. Coon 24

Nathan B. Baldwin 25

Benjamin Winchester 26

James L. Thompson 27

Henry Shibley 28

Bur Riggs 29

Lewis Robbins 30

Darwin Richardson 31

Alexander Badlam 32

Solomon Angell 34

John Parker 35

Levi Hancock 36

Daniel Stivins [Stephens] 37

Bradford Elliott 38

Hiram Strattin [Hyrum Stratton] 39

David Elliott 40

Luke Johnson 41

Almon Babbit 42

Orson Hyde 43

Sylvester Smith 44

David W. Patten 45

Wm. Pratt 46

S. W. Denton 47

Bates Nobles 48

Elias Hutchins 49

Charles Kelly 50

Ezra Thyer 51

John Mordock [Murdock] 52

H. Aldrich 53

I. Salisbury 54

P. Buchanan 55

P. P. Pratt 56

President Joseph Smith, Jun., after making many remarks on the subject of choosing the Twelve, wanted an expression from the brethren, if they would be satisfied to have the Spirit of the Lord dictate in the choice of the Elders to be Apostles; whereupon all the Elders present expressed their anxious desire to have it so.

A hymn was then sung, "Hark, listen to the trumpeters." President Hyrum Smith prayed, and meeting was dismissed for one hour.

Assembled pursuant to adjournment, and commenced with prayer.

President Joseph Smith, Jun., said that the first business of the meeting was, for the Three Witnesses of the Book of Mormon, to pray, each one, and then proceed to choose twelve men from the Church, as Apostles, to go to all nations, kindreds, tongues, and people. . . .


1. Undoubtedly a reference to his experience mentioned in D&C 130:14-17. See also 2Apr43, April 6, 1843 (afternoon) and notes there.

2. See HC 2:138 for an expanded list. The list as it appears in the Kirtland Council Minute Book is considerably shorter than the one in HC. Originally, the ms history list was the same as the KCMB list.

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