Hugh Winder Nibley 1910-2005  
The Book of Abraham 

A Joseph Smith Commentary on the Book of Abraham second edition is available now for download.

   Annotated Joseph Smith History 

The Parallel Joseph
The known sources of Joseph Smith's public teachings are gathered here. The texts in The Parallel Joseph were originally edited for readability and to facilitate translation. However, the decision was recently made to bring the texts back into the form found in the source documents. We are also doing some experimentation with the format of long documents or where there are many parallel texts. The King Follett Sermon has been edited and you will find a trial version with floating headers. Let us know if you have any requests or feedback about the book.

  Documents of the Early Christian Church and other ancient texts 

  Diaries, journals and histories of some early Mormons and others who knew Joseph Smith, Jr. 

  Nibley on the Facsimiles 

Apostasy  Papers 

  Critics and the 
Book of Abraham 

  LDS Scriptures

  Introduction to the LDS Church

  Miscellaneous texts


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